A €157 Million Highway Renovation Contract Awarded for N2 Gentilino-Lamone in Switzerland

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The Swiss branch of the Webuild Group, CSC Costruzioni, has secured the N2 Gentilino-Lamone (Lot 202) highway renovation contract in partnership with other consortium members. Valued at €157 million, this is the largest contract of its type in the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland, over the past three decades. The consortium leader, CSC, has a 35% stake. Furthermore, partners Implenia, Edilstrada, Matteo Muttoni Costruzioni, and Casada comprise the rest of the consortium.

This contract, awarded by the Federal Roads Office (USTRA), forms part of the “USTRA EP 28 Gentilino-Lamone” project. The project aims to refurbish and conduct exceptional maintenance on over six kilometres of the N2 highway. This is from the Gentilino tunnel’s north portal to Lamone, incorporating a junction at Lugano’s north. Lot 202 primarily includes civil works such as the revamp and upgrade of 27 structures, subways, bridges, and associated works.

Duration of the N2 Gentilino-Lamone (Lot 202) Highway Renovation Project

The N2 Gentilino-Lamone endeavour is set to span nearly four years, employing up to 120 people directly and indirectly. The execution phase will pose a challenge as it must continue without causing traffic disruptions. Notably, recycled materials will make up approximately 80% of the asphalt used for the highway’s resurfacing.

In addition to this, CSC is participating in several highway projects between Milan and Gotthard, including the upkeep and realignment of almost two kilometres of highway from Chiasso to Lugano, located in the Canton of Ticino.

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Infrastructure Development in Switzerland

Switzerland is currently amidst a peak period of substantial transport infrastructure construction and development. The number of mountain roads, bridges, and tunnels has significantly risen, leading to increased construction difficulty and safety risks. Nonetheless, Switzerland is dedicated to actively constructing transport infrastructure to enhance domestic transportation.

The Swiss Government is allocating a budget for significant road development tasks from 2024 to 2027, with plans to invest nearly €8 billion in the nation’s road network development. The plan involves maintenance work on existing roads and expansions, along with the establishment of new road links and interchanges.