A third and fourth Turkey Nuclear Power Plant to be Constructed

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Turkey Nuclear Power Plant is yet to be constructed as the republic of Turkey is currently making contacts with China in regards for the construction of another third nuclear power plant in their country and are also making plans in locating a site for the construction of a fourth one. This was made clear and pointed out by a top official in the respective directorate. The Russian company Rosatom is currently the one in charge of the construction works at the first nuclear power plant, the Akkuyu NPP which is located in the southern Mersin province.

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Goals of the New Turkey Nuclear Power Plant in the Country

The republic of Turkey is in need of generating slightly over 11% of Electric energy through the nuclear energy projects and the New Turkey New Power Plant will boost this goal by the year 2035 and further increase it to 29% by the year 2053 thus attaining its climate goals. This was also pointed out by Salih Sari who is the one in charge of the infrasture of nuclear at the Ministry of Energy in a local nuclear industry conference that was held on Wednesday. He further stated that they had plans by pressing ahead site surveys for the fourth site as the country needs 20GW of the nuclear power generation capacity by the year 2053.

The country is also set to be exploring a small modular technology reactor with the companies found in Britain, France and the United States so that it would also have a grasp of the knowledge on nuclear energy from these states that have a good grasp about it.

When all the nuclear projects in Turkey are complete, the country will be set to produce carbon free energy around the clock for its inhabitants and this will further enhance them in achieving their climate goal.

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