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The construction progress of Asia’s largest airport, Noida International Airport , also known as Jewar Airport Nears Completion as construction status currently stands at over 75% as it is expected to kick off its operations very soon and is also expected to coincide with with the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

As for now a number of significant milestones have been achieved at the Jewar International Airport with both of its runways and the crucial Air Traffic Control (ATC) infrastructure construction works finished, thereby hinting the commencement of the operations at the airport to kick off in the coming two to three months.

Jewar Airport Nears Completion

Jewar MLA Dhirendra Singh recently gave insights on the progress of the construction works at the airport and also got to emphasize on the installation of pivotal Air Traffic Control infrastructure at the airport. “By the month of July, the airport is expected to boast a total of two state-of-the-art radars, which will enable a substantial increase in the operational capabilities of the airport. At first, this advancement is set to facilitate up to 50 flights daily,” Singh stated.

According to Noida International Airport Limited, which serves as the overseeing authority of the airport, made an announcement of the implementation of directives for starting of long-distance flights that will commence as of date 25th of April.

In a recent review meeting that was held in Lucknow, which was attended by very key stakeholders that included high-ranking officials and executives overseeing the construction works at the airport, gave reaffirmation that upon completion that Jewar International Airport would be the largest in Asia and the fourth-largest in the world once it is completed.

Construction Cost of Noida International Airport

Singh revealed the financial allocation of the project, by bringing to light that a budget allocation of Rs 10,000 crore was utilized for the first phase of the project, and nearly Rs. 7, 371 crore had already been spent. “The terminal building construction is nearing completion. By the month of July, the installation of radar is set to pave way for the flights that are usually radar-assisted. Therefore, the next construction phase of the airport is definitely imminent,” Singh further elaborated.

The airport is being developed by the Yamuna International Airport Private Limited (YIAPL), which is a full subsidiary of the Zurich Airport International AG, partnering closely with the Government of Uttar Pradesh and the Government of India. Additionally, the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) works of the project were done by Tata Projects. The project has approximately 7,000 worker who are entirely responsible for the construction works of the project.

The Global airlines body IATA-International Air Transport Association has allotted three-letter code of Noida Airport-DXN. IATA gives codes to all the airports in the world so as to enable easier identification, thereby preventing ambiguity that may arise between the countries and cities. The code issued is usually featured on the travel documents of the passengers and other communications like the schedules of the flight, the ticketing, and baggage handilng works from one airport to another.

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