Breaking Ground: Construction of Princess Elisabeth Island, the World’s First Energy Island, Set to Begin

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Construction is about to start on Princess Elisabeth Island, an energy project positioned in the part of the North Sea. This ambitious initiative represents a milestone, as the worlds energy island, set to transform offshore energy generation. The recent progress in this venture includes the placement of buoys to mark out a safety zone for construction operations. Only vessels directly involved in the project are permitted within this zone signaling that work will kick off soon as indicated by a Notice to Mariners released on March 26th.


Jan De Nul and DEME two known companies awarded the contract for building the energy island in March year have confirmed that construction will go ahead as scheduled. Their announcement is in line with forecasts pointing towards a start date in 2024. Following the attainment of a permit in October 2023 Elia. The transmission system operator (TSO) and project developer. Has laid out a timeline for work commencement in March 2024 underscoring their commitment to keeping on track with the project timeline.


Situated around 45 kilometers off the coast of Belgium within the Princess Elisabeth wind farm area the energy island will cover five hectares, above sea level.

Furthermore a designated area of six hectares will be set aside for hosting the electrical infrastructure to smoothly incorporate renewable energy sources into the grid.

The initial construction phase will kick off with setting up caissons filled with sand as the support, for the development of the island. This crucial stage, expected to unfold in the months and year paves the way for subsequent construction tasks.


Key regulatory milestones have already been met, including receiving a permit in June 2023 for constructing caissons at Verbrugge Zeeland Terminals in North Sea Port. A total of 23 caissons will be meticulously crafted, launched, stored and eventually transported to the location for submersion.

Completion date

These operations are scheduled to take place during the summer seasons of 2024 and 2025 signifying advancements in bringing the island project to life.

After establishing the caisson foundations groundwork will begin for laying down the base of the island to accommodate infrastructure installation. Additionally plans involve developing supporting facilities, like a harbor and helipad to facilitate maintenance and operational needs.


Excitement is building up for completing Belgiums energy island on a global scale by August 2026.


Princess Elisabeth Island marks an era, in energy generation by combining both current (HVDC) and alternating current (HVAC) technologies. Its extensive high voltage system will act as a point bringing together export cables from wind farms in the 3.5 GW Princess Elisabeth Zone and enabling connections with neighboring nations.


To achieve these objectives a comprehensive network consisting of around 300 kilometers of alternating cables (HVAC) and 60 kilometers of direct current cables (HVDC) will encircle the island ensuring smooth integration with the Belgian high voltage grid. This strong infrastructure highlights the islands role, in driving energy production forward and promoting sustainable development for generations to come.

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