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Construction of Asia’s largest underwater hydro-carbon pipeline in Assam, India, completed

As part of the ongoing North East Gas Grid (NEGG) Project in India, the construction of Asia’s largest underwater hydro-carbon pipeline in Assam has been completed. This was revealed by the CEO of Indradhanush Gas Grid Limited (IGGL), Ajit Kumar Thakur.

The 24-inch diameter hydro-carbon pipeline is built below the river Brahmaputra connecting Jorhat and Majuli. It was built in three phases using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) method. The first section has a length of 1000 meters, while the second and the third are 4080 and 700 meters long.

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The total length of the underwater hydro-carbon pipeline in Assam is thus 5,780 meters. This is inclusive of all major and minor water channels. Its length makes it the longest of any hydrocarbon pipeline of size 24-inch diameter and above in Asia. In addition, it makes it the second longest of its kind in the world.

The construction of Asia’s largest underwater hydro-carbon pipeline in Assam

For the construction of the pipeline, two HDD rigs simultaneously started drilling works from the two sides of Brahmaputra. The intersection of the two drilling heads was placed in the middle at 30 meters beneath the river bed.

The works were reportedly completed by overcoming numerous hurdles faced mainly due to monsoon rains and floods. The next step will be a tie-in of the three sections at two points that will be located 15 and 8 meters below Natural Ground Level (NGL).

With the completion of the underwater hydro-carbon pipeline in Assam, IGGL has reportedly achieved more than 71% physical progress of the NEGG Project in India.  Moreover, it is said that IGGL will be able to complete the Guwahati-Numaligarh section of the project by February 2024.

The 1656 km North East Gas Grid Project in India will connect the major cities and demand centers of North East India with the National Gas Grid. The cost of the natural gas pipeline project is approximately Rs 9,265 crore.

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