Construction to begin on a 5 MW narromine solar project in New South Wales

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Construction is set to begin right away on a 5 MW narromine solar project in the western region of New South Wales. This initiative is part of MPower, an Australian renewable energy company, as it continues to advance its strategy focused on mid-scale solar developments.

MPower, headquartered in Sydney, has confirmed the acquisition of project rights, including the connection agreement and crucial planning approvals, for the 5 MW Narromine Solar Farm. This solar farm is currently in development near Dubbo in the western part of New South Wales (NSW). The company, which had agreed to purchase the site in mid-2021, disclosed that it spent around $1.4 million (USD 910,000) for the project rights and also for the pre-ordered inverter equipment integral to the project’s development.

Nathan Wise, the CEO of MPower, stated that since they have obtained all the required permits and secured funding, the company is ready to begin construction at the Narromine site without delay. He expressed satisfaction in finalizing the purchase agreement and moving forward with the next stages of development.

Completion of the narromine solar project

The construction of the project, featuring over 12,000 bifacial PV modules, is projected to finish within a year. MPower has indicated that the project will link into the Essential Energy network and is anticipated to generate around 14,000 MWh of electricity during its initial year of operation.

The Narromine project Is a component of MPower’s larger strategy to create a portfolio of up to 20 sub-5 MW solar farms throughout Australia, which they intend to build, own, and operate.

Nathan Wise, the CEO, has previously explained that the company concentrates on projects of 5 MW or smaller due to their ability to sidestep some of the extended grid connection procedures often associated with larger utility-scale projects.

“We found it challenging to fully mitigate the risks associated with significant renewable energy ventures, especially the uncertainties related to grid connectivity which often accompany larger projects,” he remarked.

“We recognized the benefits of these compact utility-scale initiatives, especially the relatively swift development and construction timelines. Additionally, the convenience of connection and the freedom to export power in alignment with generation, rather than relying solely on the market operator, were key factors in our decision,” he added.

The completion of the Narromine purchase comes after MPower’s recent acquisitions, which include the functioning Lakeland solar and storage project in northern Queensland—a setup consisting of a 10.8 MW solar farm and a 1.4 MW/5.3 MWh battery energy storage system—as well as an upcoming project in Faraday, Victoria.

Nathan Wise noted, “This acquisition adds to the significant operational milestones that MPower has accomplished this year. These include securing an unconditional $10 million funding facility and implementing valuable enhancements to our existing asset portfolio.”

“We eagerly anticipate integrating our newest clean energy venture into the national power grid and expanding our project development portfolio in the months and years ahead,” he added.

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