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Construction to begin soon on Tesla Mexico Gigafactory

Earlier this week, the Governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia Sepulveda, met with a few Tesla officials in charge of the Gigafactory Mexico construction. The Governor recently posted on Instagram on the progress of Tesla Giga Mexico. Access and mobility work for Gigafactory Mexico will begin shortly, according to Gov. Sepulveda.

“My Tesla friends and colleagues are overjoyed because they have gigafactories in Austin and San Francisco; when they come here to settle, they will already have direct flights.” I am also set to get from Tesla the start-up of the Gigafactory.

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“We are going to start with the whole issue of water, it is treated water. From the train and adaptations and access to the highway, highway (Monterrey-Saltillo) to the plant, so pure good news, we are working with everything,” he explained.

The progress on Giga Mexico construction bodes well for Tesla, especially after Chinese sources suggested that output at the new facility would be delayed. The Mexican daily newspaper Reforma revealed earlier this month that Tesla’s estimations for the start of production at Giga Mexico might be delayed owing to the country’s permitting procedure.

Recent updates from Gov. Sepulveda indicate that Tesla’s plans for Giga Mexico remain on track. On Monday, the Governor of Nuevo León received Tesla officials, including Market Director in Mexico Eugenio Grandio de la Torre. Additionally, Director of Business Rohan Patel, and Tesla Logistics Manager Daniel Calvo, at his residence. Ivan Rivas, Secretary of Economy, and Emmanuel Loo, Undersecretary of Investment, also met with Tesla executives at the Governor’s residence.

Expectations for The Tesla Mexico Gigafactory

According to the Governor, Tesla and the suppliers for Gigafactory Mexico might produce $15 billion in investment. This will be done the first two years of operation.

“Tesla and suppliers alone are going to generate 15 billion dollars of investment in two years. Sometimes, we forget, or we no longer measure the zeros. It is an enormous amount in a very short term,” he said.

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