DAMAC Coral Reef Waterfront Gem In Dubai Officially Launched

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DAMAC Coral Reef Waterfront development has officially been launched within the picturesque maritime city of Dubai. DAMAC Properties, a leading UAE developer, announced the project, assuring high-quality delivery. The company further said that the development strives to redefine luxury living. 

Collaboratively, the property’s design will include the expertise of Vincent Faudemer. The acclaimed artist receives global recognition and celebration for his Babolex collection. As a result, the development is said to fuse elegant artistry with luxury living for an elevated residential experience. 

Quite impressively, the waterfront gem marks DAMAC’s sixth tower launch within the year. By extension, the project is reported to demonstrate the company’s inspiration to create extraordinary living residences. Official reports note that the property’s target completion date is by March 2028. 

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DAMAC Coral Reef Waterfront Project’s Impressive Design 

In total, the DAMAC Coral Reef Waterfront building comprises 48 floors. The residency’s 279 units will be available as one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. The one-bedroom units’ size area will range from 776 to 943 square feet. Meanwhile, the two-bedroom units span 1,197 to 1,399 square feet. Lastly, the three-bedroom apartments’ area size will range from 1,770 to 1,815 square feet A press release statement noted that all units feature full sea views, with fully en-suite bedrooms. Moreover, the development offers an indoor LED pool, as well as interactive art installations. In addition to a spa health club, steam as well as sauna rooms.  

Senior Vice President at DAMAC International, while speaking about the project said that it strives to serve as ambitious motivation in achieving transformation. Niall McLoughlin also added that Coral Reef aims to highlight the firm’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of luxury living. In regards to working with Vincent Faudemer, the Senior VP noted that the artist will heighten the development’s creative vision. 

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