Construction of FlagshipONE, Europe’s largest E-Methanol facility, begins in Sweden

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The construction of FlagshipONE, an e-methanol project in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden has begun with Ørsted, the green energy company as the developer.

A momentous ground-breaking ceremony was held to commemorate the start of construction. It was attended by local, regional, national, and international political representatives. This is as well as partner companies, including Siemens Energy, Carbon Clean, and Topsoe.

These collaborative companies will supply the necessary electrolysers, control systems, carbon-capture equipment, and methanol synthesis equipment for the project. Local companies have already been involved in the initiative. Thus, the plant operation will generate direct and indirect employment opportunities in the Örnsköldsvik area.

FlagshipONE is situated near Övik Energi‘s Hörneborgsverket. It will have a production capacity of 50,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of e-methanol. As Ørsted’s first e-methanol project in their green fuel pipeline, it aligns with their other initiatives, such as ‘Project Star’ in the US Gulf Coast area and the ‘Green Fuels for Denmark’ project in Copenhagen.

These projects aim to produce substantial volumes of e-methanol to support decarbonisation efforts in the shipping industry.

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Expectations for and remarks on the FlagshipONE E_Methanol Project in Sweden

To produce e-methanol, FlagshipONE will rely on renewable electricity and biogenic carbon dioxide from the Hörneborgsverket biomass-fueled hybrid heat/power plant. Additionally, the initiative will utilise steam and process regular and cooling water from Hörneborgsverket. Furthermore, excess heat from the e-methanol production process will be returned to Övik Energi and integrated into the local district’s heating supply.

Claes Fredriksson, CEO and founder of Liquid Wind expressed excitement about FlagshipONE becoming Europe’s largest commercial-scale electro-fuel facility.

Liquid Wind is pleased that Ørsted has entered the project’s construction phase, which is their first-sold endeavour and marks the beginning of their journey to become a leading developer of electro-fuel facilities. Fredriksson hopes that this milestone will inspire others to contribute to the decarbonisation of the shipping industry.

Production at FlagshipONE is anticipated to commence in 2025. It will thus provide a significant boost to the output of e-methanol and contribute to the ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the shipping sector.