First Phase of Lithium Plant in Zimbabwe Successfully Concluded

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The first stage in constructing a lithium manufacturing plant in Zimbabwe have been completed by Shengxiang Investments (Pvt) Limited of China. This project is located in Goromonzi . The second stage of this project will consist in having the day processing capacity about 1500 tonnes.

Other than just technological advancements, the local people are hugely benefiting from establishing this kind of lithium center. The initiative would further influence job creation, especially among the youth living near it. Promises like the lives of workers suggest this, they are banking on a guaranteed job and better economical stability in their life.


Furthermore, it has ripple effects on local women who have been involved actively with a lithium plant. These women are worthy to be commended as they got contracts for selling foodstuffs on behalf of the workers in this plant. not only to the local economy but also proves that this project is developed with a focus on establishing mutually beneficial relationships are made within communities in regions of its operation.

Construction cost

Construction cost for this phase was at 15$ million, for instance, the leading company of this initiative has shown its commitment by dedicating a huge sum of $30 millin dollars in first two years to mine. This deal involves the lithium processing before installation of project with emphasize on efficiency and quality throughout performance. Both the plant’s employment and business will support community not only in Goromonzi but also to its inhabitants over time.

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