Group Five Secures $800M Water Pipes Supply Contract for the Riyadh Water Project

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Local Saudi Company, Group Five Pipe has won an $800m contract to supply pipes for the Riyadh water project. The company has been tasked with the mandate of supplying pipes for phase two of the Riyadh to Ras-Al Khair water project. The Water Transmission System project (WTS) was awarded to Group Five after a review of all bids brought forth. Saudi Arabia’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) was the company liable for awarding the contract. The contracted company will manufacture and supply steel pipes. This includes the supply of spiral-welded pipes for the project. SWCC has started the process for technical clarification with companies that submitted proposals for the water project. Some of the companies that bid for the contract include Sicim from Italy and Turkiye-based Mapa.

The second phase of the Riyadh water project is expected to cover 391 kilometers. The project is also expected to transmit 1.2 million cubic meters of water a day. The Water Transmission system project will be essential in supplying water to residents in Riyadh and Ras-Al Khair. The project scheme is one of the two water transmission system projects that the Kingdom seeks to implement. State-owned Water Transmissions and Technologies Company (WTTCO) has noted that the Kingdom has made more procurement plans. The company also said that the Riyadh water project once completed will pave way for the second project to kick off.

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WTTCO Plans a $6.7bn Water Transmission Program with the Riyadh Water Project Starting off the Implementation.

WTTCO is planning a $6.7 billion water transmission program with initiating projects such as the Riyadh Water project. The aim of the project is to improve potable water delivery in the aims of meeting future demands.  The project will also improve water supply in the Kingdom. The company has already tendered three projects with a collective budget estimate of $3.4bn. The scope of the project includes covering and installing more than 1,200 kilometers of water transmission pipes. The installation will also include the combining of these transmission pipes from desalination complexes on the coast. The first of the three schemes includes the water project. This scheme includes installation of water pipes around Riyadh covering 235 kilometers of pipes.