Guyana: Upgrades at the New Amsterdam Prison to Improve Living Conditions

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Massive upgrades are currently being carried out at the New Amsterdam Prison to enhance the living conditions of the prisoners. The ongoing infrastructure works were thoroughly inspected recently by Andre Ally, the Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Ten distinct lots totaling $1.7 billion were inspected by the PS. The aim of Ally’s visit was to assess the development and condition of several construction lots that are part of the overall project to improve the prison’s facilities.

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For the benefit of staff and inmates, the PS additionally highlighted the significance of massive projects such as this one and how they are reshaping the prison’s infrastructure.

Significant works were observed on lots two, four, as well as five out of the several that were inspected.

Notably, construction on lot two, where living quarters for men and women are being built, is currently 15% complete. It has more than $114 million allocated for financing.

The demolition of the existing structures has already started for lot four, involving the reconstruction of the Officer’s Sports Club. With more than $50 million in funding, 10% of this segment has been completed.

Lot five of the New Amsterdam Prison

A 12% completion rate has been reached for lot five, which is the reception building construction. The total amount allocated for this lot exceeds $413 million. Moreover, the demolition of the currently existing structures has already begun.

The visit by Ally also brought attention to the next phases. Among these is Lot 1, which is the construction site of the living quarters for senior officers. Preparations are underway for the next work, and this segment is currently in the mobilization phase.

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, lots three, six, seven, eight, nine, as well as 10 are also at the mobilization stage. This implies the next drive in the implementation of the project.

A treatment plant, an overhead storage tank, an infirmary annex, and the reconstruction of the solitary and cell blocks are among the critical aspects included in lots six, seven, eight, and nine. The construction of the kitchen and a storage bond are also entailed in lot three.

Construction is ongoing on the New Amsterdam Prison’s Lot 10 to develop an inmate training facility. It was announced earlier this year that the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) will receive over $2 billion in funds for the construction of prisons and retention expenses.