Harweb-Al Mazyouna-Melten Project Implementation Commences

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The Harweb-Al Mazyouna-Melten Project has officially begun implementation, confirmed by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT). In a nutshell, the road development features a 210-kilometer stretch in Dhofar. It stretches from Harweb and concludes at the Meiten area. By extension, the road’s positioning makes it a significant connection link within the region. 

According to an official statement, the development’s construction will adhere to standard specifications as per approval in the Road Design Manual. Moreover, the statement also noted that the road development will follow all traffic safety requirements. Thus, the project will include guiding regulations as well as metal and concrete barriers. Additionally, there will also be ground and warning markings. 

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Harweb-Al Mazyouna-Melten Road Project’s Design Features

The Harweb-Al Mazyouna-Melten Project features a cross-section that comprises two traffic lanes that measure 2.5 meters wide. Furthermore, the lanes will include asphalt shoulders with a width of half a meter on each side. In addition to dirt shoulders measuring one and a half meters in width, on each side. 

As a whole, the road project forms part of the state ministry’s strategic road improvement initiative. Reports say that it is also part of the Ministry’s implementation plan for the current year. While speaking about the development plans, the Minister for Transport, Communications, and Information Technology unveiled key targets and details. Said bin Hammoud al Maawali said that in 2023, the ministry’s road works would amount to approximately RO 1 billion. 

Taking it a step further, the Under Secretary for Transport, said that the Ministry will further place priority and focus towards the construction and timely completion of the strategic road projects. This in turn, Al Shamakhi explained, will lead to a rise in road efficiency as well as rehabilitation. The Under Secretary also mentioned that the strategic road developments will boast a total length of 1300 kilometers. 

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