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The Haughton Pipeline Project buzzes with activity as pipes, symbolizing progress, commence their journey into the ground. More than 28 kilometers of the pipeline will snake beneath Townsville’s soil, unleashing the promise of a liquid lifeline for the region. This ambitious undertaking represents Townsville’s most significant water infrastructure initiative, a bulwark against uncertainty as the city grows. Townsville’s fast-paced expansion necessitates long-term water security, ensuring future opportunities aren’t just a mirage.

“Kurt Rehbein, the chairperson of the Infrastructure Services Committee, comprehends the urgency. Moreover, Townsville’s rapid growth necessitates securing water, akin to an investment in the future. “We’ve passionately championed this project for long-term city water security, receiving widespread understanding and support,” Rehbein said with a nod.

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Haughton Pipeline Project – Boosting Townsville’s Water Security

The genesis of this narrative traces back over a decade when Townsville’s call for help reached the state government’s ears. They answered with a resounding commitment of $215 million for Stage 1, a lifeline stretching over 36 kilometres, bridging the Haughton River to the Ross River Dam. This act was like a foreshadowing of a prosperous future.

The story, however, is far from concluded. The Council, driven by a vision akin to a blazing comet, continued its advocacy, leading to an additional investment of $195 million for Stage 2. This stage is the bridge, connecting the existing pipeline from the Burdekin River to the Haughton River. It’s a game-changing move, like a plot twist in a thrilling novel. Councilor Hill, with an air of optimism, remarked, “Projects like these help to future-proof our city as our population grows and create hundreds of jobs during construction.” It’s a win-win situation. Water Minister Glenn Butcher plays the long game, knowing that true investments are in the future. They backed Townsville with significant funds, building pipelines and a foundation for a secure tomorrow.

Aaron Harper from Thuringowa echoes the sentiment. He’s excited to see the wheels turning on stage two of the Haughton Pipeline Project. It’s government support, breathing life into dreams, and not just generating jobs but also kindling hope. Russ Cook, the Water and Resource Recovery Committee chairperson, delivers the facts. The pipeline, upon completion, will channel at most minuscule 273 megaliters of water each day, with room for growth to 364 megaliters per day. It’s like a symphony, building a harmonious future.

The story continues. Shovels have broken the ground, initiating the countdown. By 2025, Stage 2 will secure Townsville’s water, narrating growth and hope. For additional project details, click here.