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The serene village of Kazungula is set to undergo a remarkable transformation with the introduction of the 212 Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) construction project. This ambitious housing development initiative aims to rejuvenate the area, providing it with a fresh new look and enhanced living spaces.

Comprising a total of 176 standalone housing units and 36 high-density residences, the project comes with a price tag of P155 million. The completion of the first phase is expected in August 2024, marking a significant milestone in the village’s progress.

During the recent groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Eric Molale, Minister of Transport and Public Works, emphasized that the project is a response to the fundamental needs of Chobe District. With many Batswana flocking to Kazungula and Kasane in search of employment and business opportunities, the housing shortage has taken a toll on individuals, families, and government employees residing in the region.

Addressing this issue head-on, the government and private sector have united their efforts to alleviate the accommodation shortage in urban centers and growing villages such as Kazungula. Minister Molale highlighted the importance of maximizing the utilization of limited land resources by constructing multi-residential units to accommodate a larger population.

Financing Of The Kazungula Housing Project.

To ensure the project’s success, it has been divided into four packages, each awarded to a citizen-owned company. Ramodisa Projects, Moseba Building Construction, FTR Engineering, and the upcoming tender evaluation for the final package will contribute their expertise to construct the allocated housing units.

In addition to the residential units, the BHC will oversee the construction of internal roads, stormwater drainage systems, and water reticulation, providing a comprehensive infrastructure network that will benefit all residents.

Mr. Moemedi Gabana, Chairperson of the BHC board, emphasized that the housing development would significantly transform the aesthetics of Kazungula while providing much-needed accommodation for the district’s inhabitants. The corporation’s commitment to sustainable and affordable housing, coupled with a focus on security, ensures that the residents of Kazungula are fortunate beneficiaries of this BHC initiative.

Named Unzovu Estates, after the Sesubiya word for “elephant,” the housing development project reflects the essence and pride of the area. It serves as a testament to the BHC’s dedication to capturing the spirit of each specific location and instilling a sense of ownership among its residents.

Expressing his delight, Mr. Machana Shamukuni, Chobe Member of Parliament, praised the housing development as a solution to the accommodation shortage that has plagued the district. With affordable rental and purchasing options available, the project not only benefits Batswana but also creates opportunities for government departments and private sector entities to establish offices in Kasane.

Overall, the Unzovu Estates project stands as a symbol of progress, addressing the housing needs of Kazungula while revitalizing the village and providing its residents with a brighter future.

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