Government allots Sh 500M for water projects in Samburu County

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Through the Ministry of Water and Sanitation, the national government is looking to allot at least Sh 500 million for water projects in Samburu County. The projects will address the county’s ongoing shortage of this vital resource.

Dr. Paul Rono, the principal secretary for water and sanitation, had approved a contract with the county government to identify the key projects in the county’s arid area where funding could be spent. This is according to Lati Lelelit, the governor of Samburu County.

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A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the county and the national government was signed. According to the governor, the signing was meant to establish and prioritize funding for key projects.

Prior to the remaining comparable amount being released, at least Sh250 million had been released in the current financial year. The Archers Post project received Sh 100 million, and the Wamba water extension project also received Sh 100 million. Also, the Suguta project received another Sh100 million.

Each of the Maralal, Lpartuk, and Kisima projects was allotted Sh 50 million. The Baragoi water project received Sh 100 million.

Financing and completion dates of water projects in Samburu County

The governor said that all projects will be partially financed this fiscal year. He also claimed that they will be concluded after being taken into consideration in the next financial year’s budget.

Water and sanitation PS Dr. Paul Rono informed Maralal residents that the Sh 1.4 billion Yamo dam’s first phase had been built while completing a water project at Lodokejek primary school.

Yamo is the largest project in Samburu County, according to the PS. The second phase includes constructing a sewage and water treatment facility. The project will cost a further Sh1.5 billion and be included in the budget for the forthcoming financial year.

He claimed that the dam can pump 6,000 cubic meters of water per day, which is enough to supply Maralal Town. The town consumes just over 8,000 cubic meters of water per day if it is operating at full capacity.

The Garma water project in Samburu Central and the Lkutuk Ee Lmuget and South Horr water projects in Samburu North are two other projects in Samburu County currently in progress.