Kenya’s Nuclear Power Plans are Set to Gather Steam With the Launch of a New Five-Year Strategic Plan

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The unveiling of a new blueprint that will be used as a roadmap to usher Kenya’s nuclear power plans is in place. The Nuclear Power and Energy Agency (NuPEA) is expected to launch its 2023-2027 strategic plan soon. The strategic plan outlines a new roadmap that will facilitate attaining Kenya’s dream of going nuclear. The addition of nuclear energy to the electricity generation endeavor in the country could be a big win. The country is placing its bids on nuclear energy to deliver clean energy. Furthermore, the country will be able to deliver sustainable, stable, and affordable sources of electricity. The move is aimed at meeting the country’s burgeoning demand for power as the economy grows. The country already has plans in motion to commence construction of the first nuclear power plant in East Africa. The commencement of the plant’s construction is set for 2027 latest.

The Significance of Kenya’s Nuclear Power Plans

NuPEA’s chairman, Ezra Odhiambo, shared insight that the agency recognizes the critical role of energy in the implementation of Kenya’s development agenda. “Kenya’s climate efficient energy development blueprint – the Least Cost Power Development Plan – recognizes critical characteristics of optimal energy sources, namely clean, affordable, and sustainable options,” he added. The commission asserted that these requirements are efficiently addressed by the inclusion of nuclear power in Kenya’s nuclear power plans blueprint. The launch of NuPEA’s strategic plan is expected to be presided over by Energy Cabinet Secretary, David Chirchir. The launch of the plan is pertinent to the government’s plans in their aim to start their nuclear power plant construction. It is expected to be the first of its kind in Eastern and Central Africa.Kenya's Nuclear Power plans

The Scope of the Nuclear Power Project

The nuclear power plant, which will be located either in Kilifi or Kwale, will take about five years to complete.   The plant is expected to cost $5 billion for its construction. The new strategic plan replaces the agency’s 2020-25 blueprint roadmap whose main agenda and implementation have been critical. Its implementation has seen Kenya’s nuclear power plans record key milestones in its utilization and manifestation. This has not only been impactful to electricity generation but also to its application for peaceful purposes. “This plan is built on major foundations attained from the implementation of the previous plan. It communicates NuPEA’s vision, mission, and strategies put forth to achieve its mandate,” Odhiambo says. His remarks were echoed by the agency’s CEO who noted that the new strategic plan will build on the current 2020-2025 strategic plan.Kenya's Nuclear power plans

The State of the Nation on the Launch of the New Nuclear Roadmap

The implementation of the new strategic plan that will pave the way for Kenya’s nuclear power plans to solidify is highly anticipated.  Justus Wabuyabo, NuPEA’s CEO noted that the 2020-2025 strategic plan aimed to provide insight for the implementation of the agency’s activities. It was to provide an overall framework that would facilitate in efficient allocation and utilization of resources. He noted that the new strategic plan is designed to align with the government’s new energy plans. It will also be in sync with the government’s bottom-up economic transformation agenda (BETA) to help the government. The promises the president offered to implement during his radical campaigns were encapsulated under BETA’s five pillars. Namely agriculture, affordable housing, digital superhighway, health, and MSMEs. Nuclear energy will be a crucial component in the implementation of these agendas as it will facilitate the generation of electricity.

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