Lhyfe to construct 15-MW green hydrogen plant in Spain

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Embarking on a transformative journey towards sustainable energy solutions, Lhyfe, a prominent global innovator in renewable green hydrogen production, has secured a substantial grant, amounting to €14 million, from H2 Pioneros for the establishment of its inaugural green hydrogen plant in Spain. This strategic project, located in Vallmoll, Tarragona, is poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping the renewable energy landscape of the region.

Project Overview:

Lhyfe’s green hydrogen facility in Vallmoll showcases an impressive daily production capacity of up to 5 tons and is scheduled to commence operations in 2026. The financial support, acquired under the auspices of the ‘H2 Pioneros’ program, will underwrite critical aspects such as design, equipment procurement, and construction, covering an estimated half of the overall investment.

The plant’s strategic positioning within an industrial enclave directly addresses the escalating demand for green hydrogen from diverse industrial entities in the region. Prospective clients encompass businesses in chemical and various industrial sectors looking to transition from conventional fuels to green hydrogen in their production processes. Furthermore, companies in transportation and logistics exploring environmentally friendly alternatives, like hydrogen-powered electric vehicles, will find a sustainable solution in Lhyfe’s green hydrogen

Expressing enthusiasm for the grant, Taia Kronborg, Chief Business Officer at Lhyfe, emphasized, “We consider this acknowledgment a result of our dedication and expertise in green hydrogen production and delivery. It underscores our alignment with Spain’s hydrogen strategy.” Lhyfe remains committed to supporting Spain’s agenda of rapidly expanding a hydrogen infrastructure rooted in renewable energies.

Pioneering Role in Spain’s Green Hydrogen Landscape:

Lhyfe’s Spanish initiative stands as one of the exclusive 14 projects selected in 2023 for funding from H2 Pioneros out of a competitive pool of 81 submissions. This aligns with Spain’s broader mission to fortify its hydrogen infrastructure, fostering the adoption of renewable energies across various industries.

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Challenges and Future Outlook:

The realization of the project hinges on obtaining necessary authorizations, permits, and financial decisions. Despite these challenges, Lhyfe’s foray into Spain represents a pivotal moment in the nation’s trajectory towards sustainable and renewable energy. Spain’s Hydrogen Roadmap, unveiled in 2020, has surpassed its 2030 target with a current capacity of 15.5 GW. The International Energy Agency (IEA) anticipates Spain contributing significantly to Europe’s growth in dedicated renewable capacity for hydrogen production.

Industry Collaborations:

While critics underscore the cost differential between green and grey hydrogen, collaborative platforms like HyDeal Ambition actively collaborate with Spanish and global industrial entities to devise models for green hydrogen production, distribution, and supply.

Lhyfe’s ambitious green hydrogen endeavor in Spain exemplifies its unwavering commitment to renewable energy solutions. Bolstered by H2 Pioneros’ support, Lhyfe is poised to make a lasting impact on Spain’s industrial landscape, providing a competitive source of green hydrogen to drive sustainability in the region’s industrial and transportation sectors.