Luweero Hospital and Offices Construction in Uganda to be Managed by the Government

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Luweero Hospital and Offices construction works will be done by the Central Government of Uganda as it has decided to take over the management of completing the construction works and financing at Luweero Hospital and the Luweero District Administration Headquarters. This information was released by the Prime Minister of Uganda Ms Robinah Nabbanja when she paid a visit to the site on Sunday and also made clear that the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, had given orders that the UPDF Engineering Brigade would be in charge of the construction works. Funding for the Luweero Hospital and Offices projects is set to be enlisted in the supplementary budgets of the government.

The completion of Luweero Hospital and Offices is expected to change the face of Luweero for the better. Some leaders in the area also hoped for the completion of the construction works of these structures before the 2026 general elections. Luweero District Chairperson, Mr Erusto Kibirango, said in an interview that there was so much need in providing additional space in the hospital which will be utilized in handling the rising number of patients. The other departments that are currently non-operational in the hospital will be opened when the construction works on the block are completed.

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Before the upgrade construction works were carried out to Luwero Health Centre IV to making it a general hospital in the year 2011, the administration at Luweero had begun the establishment of a 200-bed patient ward.

Luweero Hospital and Offices Construction Budget

The Luweero Hospital ward with 5 stories had an approximate cost of Sh7.2 billion and has been under construction for around the previous 12 years. The construction works had been scheduled to take place in eleven phases over the lack of sufficient funds. As for now the first floor and the second floor have been finished and occupied. The administration block construction cost was approximated to cost roughly Shs6.8 billion but due to the rapid increase in cost of construction materials, it is now expected to go at a budget of Shs7.5 billion.

The headquarters of the District Administration in the year 2016 embarked on the construction of the office block which is a four-storey building after waiting for a long time for the promised compensation that was to come from the district through the central government. Earlier on, President Museveni had made a pledge that his government would make compensations to Luweero for the Luweero Hospital and Offices that had been taken over by the Defence Ministry.