Mbagala-Gerezani BRT System in Tanzania Nears Completion

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The Mbagala-Gerezani BRT system in Tanzania has achieved significant progress, with the construction work on Phase II of the project nearing completion at an impressive 98.5%. The finalization of terminal construction remains the sole remaining aspect. Sinohydro Corporation Ltd, the appointed project contractor for the Mbagala-Gerezani BRT, underscores that the completion of this essential infrastructure will yield substantial benefits, including boosting the economy and streamlining transportation for both Dar es Salaam and Coast regions’ residents.

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The development of BRT terminals for the Mbagala-Gerezani BRT is in progress, with regular inspections carried out to rectify errors and ensure the utilization of high-quality materials. The representatives from the construction companies have emphasized the importance of responsible usage by residents to prolong the longevity of the BRT system. The official handover of the completed Mbagala-Gerezani BRT project to the government is scheduled for October this year.

Mbagala-Gerezani BRT length

The comprehensive scope of the project entails constructing 20.3 kilometers of BRT road infrastructure and upgrading the regular Kilwa Road. Throughout construction, challenges emerged, particularly due to non-compliance with road traffic laws by drivers. These instances led to damages that necessitated reconstruction efforts. However, the Mbagala-Gerezani BRT project underwent close supervision and inspections from government leaders, consulting engineers, and Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) officials. These rigorous checks ensured the project’s adherence to standards and its consistent quality

.The expansion of the Mbagala-Gerezani BRT system is evident in the substantial increase in vehicles from 70 to 210 within a year and also this significant growth has facilitated the introduction of new routes, enhancing accessibility for commuters. In a crucial development during 2021, the Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project received a substantial boost. The Tanzanian government’s decision to release 70 buses previously held at the Dar es Salaam Port significantly propelled the Mbagala-Gerezani BRT project forward, contributing to its expansion and operational efficiency.