Mwanza-Isaka SGR Attains 44 Per Cent Completion Status

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The construction works of the Lot 5 part of the Tanzania Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Mwanza-Isaka SGR, which is expected to make the Lake Zone a major business hub has attained 44.25 per cent completion status. This multi-trillion railway project located in Shinyanga region covers a total distance of 341 kilometers. A total of 249 kilometers of the railway stretch is being executed in collaboration with the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) at a cost of US$1.321 billion.

Upon completion the Mwanza-Isaka SGR and the major SGR project is expected to open the central corridor by enabling the growth of various business opportunities by the traders and investors in the region. This will be brought about by the availability of good and reliable transport networks as it transports their goods via the Port of Dar es Salaam.

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Mwanza-Isaka SGR Completion Date

The Mwanza-Isaka SGR project is expected to be completed in the year 2024. According to the Project Manager, Engineer Christoper Callist, stated that the main work on the railway project was the setting up of the humps which is currently at 80 per cent. It involves the establishment of a railway network with a distance of approximately 24 kilometers and the installation of poles that shall be utilized for the connection of electricity to the railway line. Other supporting systems that work parallel with the railway ridge were also in progress inclusive of the plating grass that shall protect the humps of the railway that has been completed.

Moreover, the building of a total of 606 bridges that will be utilized to allow the passage of electrical and communication systems, animals, people motor vehicles and the other ordinary trains also progressed at a good pace. The construction works at the sections of Shinyanga and Mwanza have been completed. Meanwhile, the Tabora section has attained 80 per cent completion status.