Namibia to Install 100 Megawatt Solar Photovoltaic Investment

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Renewable energy company, O&L Nexentury prepares install 100 Megawatt of electricity through N$1 billion solar photovoltaic deal outside Windhoek. The deal for the solar plant was confirmed after the Ohlthaver & List energy subsidiary received both its generation and export licences from the Electricity Control Board and the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Both licences are valid for 25 years.

Importantly, the solar power plant is planned to be connected to one of NamPower’s largest substations. This means electricity generated will be accessible by industrial energy users such as mining companies, regional electricity distributors and NamPower. Additionally, some of the power generated at the solar plant will be exported to the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP).

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Significance of the 100megawatt solar investment in Namibia

Phase 1 of the Solar Photovoltaic is scheduled to complete by mid-2024 according to Bernd Walbaum, managing director of O&L Nexentury. Additionally, he shared his enthusiasm for progress on the project. “This is a most exciting project we are embarking on as we expand clean energy supply in Namibia and beyond our borders. As part of our O&L group purpose, creating a future, enhancing life, this project promises to be a positive contribution to the generation of renewable energy in the country and speaks to our commitment to expanding clean and sustainable energy solutions.”

Additionally, this project amounts to total installed capacity of 171.8 MW, of which 223.8 MW is rooftop solar net energy. The NIRP report shows that in 2020, 199 MW out of 688 MW of installed capacity was provided by IPPs. Importantly, the provision was accomplished under bilateral contracts with contestable customers or with electricity sold by IPPs to NamPower. The remainder of the 688 MW is being supplied by NamPower.

Moreover, Namibia’s load (GWh) is projected to grow by an average of 2.7% per year over the next 20 years and peak demand at a very slightly higher rate of 2.8% per year.

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