Namibia Kicks Off Tender for 70 MW Rosh Pinah Solar Photovoltaic Power Project

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70 MW Rosh Pinah solar photovoltaic power project has been advertised for bidding by Namibia’s state-owned electricity utility, NamPower. Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) of the project will be mandated to the firm that wins the tender. Moreover, interested firms have upto July 31st to submit their bids.

The 70 MW Rosh Pinah solar power project will replace the previously discontinued 40 MW Rosh Pinah wind energy project. Importantly, the wind energy projected stalled due to insufficient wind energy resources. Additionally, NamPower expects the solar power project to be completed by the year 2025.

Additionally, this solar project is part of Namibia’s plan to implement six new power generation projects. Moreover, the six new projects will have a total capacity of about 220 MW by 2025. Furthermore, the projects aims at securing the country’s energy needs and reducing electricity imports.

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Namibia’s installed solar power capacity

Namibia had around 176 MW of installed solar power capacity at the end of 2020. Reportedly, this is according to the latest statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency. NamPower has received authorization for up to 150 MW of solar power projects out of the total 220 MW capacity. Additionally, financing for these projects will be sourced from Nampower’s balance sheet. One of the projects, the Omburu 20MW Solar PV Project was inaugurated by the Namibian electricity utility last year. Moreover, the Omburu project is now commercially operational.

Namibia heavily relies on neighboring countries to meet its electricity demand, importing electricity through the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP). Namibia’s agreements with South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe is for additional power supply.

The new energy generation capacity is essential to enhance energy security in the country. Additionally, Namibia’s neighbors face their own power supply challenges. The country’s move to develop new energy generation capacity is expected to help ensure energy security is not interrupted.