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NEOM Substation’s Multi Million Contract Awarded By SEC

NEOM Substation’s Multi-Million Contract for development has officially been awarded by the Saudi Electricity Company. In a nutshell, it includes the construction of a 380/132kV substation within NEOM. The project’s location is receives recognition to be a mega futuristic city, in Saudi Arabia’s northwest.

Local firm, Al Gihaz Contracting Company was awarded the multi-million project contract. Quite impressively, the company boasts about 40 successful years of operation. The firm specializes in the renewable energy as well as communications infrastructure sectors. In addition to security services, entertainment projects alongside providing solutions for conventional energy.

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NEOM Substation’s Multi-Million Contract Total Worth

Official reports reveal that NEOM Substation’s Multi-Million Contract is worth $137.4 million (SR515 million). As a whole, the development is known as the NEOM Industrial City (NIC) Circle substation. In total, its total construction duration will be 28 months. While speaking about the project, Al Gihaz noted it strives to ensure successfully delivery. 

As per the terms of the contract, the contractor will cater to the design, engineering as well as materials procurement. In addition to inspection/testing, quality management alongside site transport.. Additionally, the project’s contract also features testing as well as commissioning of all related services, up to final handing over. The project’s contract highlights that the substation at hand over, should be in optimal operation capacity and satisfactory condition.

Taking it a step further, the project’s contract also includes expanding the Duba Green Substation. The massive development features an integrated solar combined-cycle (ISCC) power plant in Tabuk province. Expansively, the project’s area spans 160ha of coastal land. Moreover, it has a 600MW potential capacity. Furthermore, the project will serve as the region’s first-ever fossil fuel-fired power plant. The EIA (environmental impact assessment)’s filing was in 2014, with development works starting in 2015. Upon completion, the mega facility will potentially generate electricity for up to 600,000 households.

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