Nepean Water Filtration Plant Project in Australia Commences Upgrade Works

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The Nepean Water Filtration Plant Project in Australia has officially begun its upgrade development works. Upon completion, the upgrades will increase water production capacity up to 33 ML a day, which is equivalent to 13 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Moreover, the plant is said to cater for over 50,000 people. 

In total, the Nepean Water Filtration Plant Project’s upgrade works will cost $80 million. Sydney Water Area Delivery Manager, Darren Jackson, said that the upgrades will help ‘future-proof’ the rapidly expanding and growing region. Quite impressively, the plant will potentially increase the supply of drinking water for the next 30 to 40 years.

Sydney Water stands as Australia’s largest water utility. Its total area of operation span 12,700 kilometres squared, including the Blue Mountains, and Illawarra regions. 

The Nepean Water FIltration Plant Project Set To Feature A New Treatment And Filtration System

The plant’s location is right south of Sydney. It draws water from the Nepean dam, thereafter, the treated water is then supplied to the townships, especially in the Wollondilly Local Government Area. At a total cost of $12.3 million, works on the dam began in 1925 and got complete in 1935.

By length, the Nepean dam is 326 meters while its height is 82 meters. Moreover, the dam boasts a total capacity of 70,170 megalitres, while its catchment area is 320 square kilometres.  

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In a nutshell, the project’s upgrade works will include a brand-new treatment and filtration system. Moreover, it will feature a new clarifier as well as dual media filters, which enable the maintenance of quality water. By mid-2025, the Nepean Water Filtration Plant Project aims to have completed the upgrade works.

Darren Jackson further said that the project is also part of Sydney Water’s vision and commitment to meet the needs of a growing population. Additionally, the project will greatly contribute towards the provision of world-class water services to southern Sydney.