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Kaduna State Governor Initiates Anchau-Gadas-Palla Road project to Boost Rural Development.

Kaduna State Governor, Senator Uba Sani, initiated the 21.7 Km road project marking a significant milestone in the construction of the Anchau-Gadas-Palla Road project. This pivotal infrastructure project will traverse Kubau and Ikara Local Government Areas in the state. It will connect 32 villages and serve as a catalyst for rural development.

Governor Sani stated, “We have decided to come for this groundbreaking for the construction of the 21.7 km road simply because we know the significance of this very road. The people of Kubau and Ikara Local Government approached us during our campaign. They informed us about the importance of this road. It connects at least 32 villages from Anchau to Pala. This Road Project will revitalize their economies. Particularly those 32 communities.”

Main Beneficiary To The Recently Initiated 21.7 Km Road Project.

During the ceremony held in Anchau, Governor Sani underscored the road’s importance in addressing various transportation challenges. Kaduna State Governor Initiating a 21.7 Km Road Project, would not only improve the mobility of residents but also facilitate the transportation of agricultural produce. This, in turn, will boost rural development and stimulate the local economy.

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Furthermore, Governor Sani expressed condolences to the people of Sayasaya in Ikara Local Government following a tragic attack by bandits. He assured them that the perpetrators would be brought to justice and reiterated his administration’s unwavering commitment to the security of lives and property in the state.

The host chairmen of Kubau and Ikara LGAs expressed their gratitude to the Kaduna State Governor as he initiated the 21.7 Km Road Project, for choosing their local government areas as beneficiaries of the projects marking his first 100 days in office. Eng. Idris Adewole, speaking on behalf of the contractors, assured the governor of active community involvement in the construction process. He also requested the support and cooperation of traditional and religious leaders to ensure the project’s successful execution within the stipulated timeframe.

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