Enugu State Government Announces Plans To Construct 81 New Roads.

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The Enugu State Government has announced extensive plans to construct 81 new roads. The Enugu metropolis will have 71 roads, while the additional 10 major thoroughfares will interconnect all corners of the state. This endeavor seeks to alleviate traffic congestion, improve connectivity, and transform the urban landscape.

Dr. Gerald Otiji, of The Federal Ministry of Works and Housing (FMWH), disclosed these initiatives following a State Executive Council. He highlighted that among those targeted for rehabilitation, several encompass key areas. They Include Trans Ekulu, Abakpa, Emene, Awkunanaw, Coal Camp, Asata, New Layout, Achara Layout, and Idaw River, constituting a holistic approach to urban development.

Current State Of Road Development In Enugu State.

In addressing the pressing issue of traffic congestion, the government has also identified specific locations for the construction of strategically placed flyovers. The government has earmarked the Abakpa Junction as a notable intersection for a flyover. They are also planning a similar intervention for the Chris Chemist/Old Park junction area. These initiatives reflect the government’s dedication to fostering smoother traffic flow and enhancing the overall commuting experience.

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Other than the construction of 81 new roads, the State Executive Council has endorsed an array of initiatives. They include security enhancement, mitigation of challenges stemming from fuel subsidy removal, and the transition to e-governance. Commissioner Aka Eze Aka, responsible for information, highlighted the council’s approval of measures such as deploying mass transit buses to alleviate public suffering, integrating high-tech security infrastructure, and embarking on a digitalization drive across government agencies to enhance operational efficiency.

Furthermore, beyond the metropolis, the State Executive Council has identified 10 vital roads that traverse the state’s three senatorial zones. These roads play a pivotal role in linking various local governments and fostering regional connectivity. Additionally, roads of significant importance due to heavy traffic volumes, such as the Enugu-Ugwogo Nike-Opi-Nsukka road and GRA – Trans Ekulu road, are set to undergo dualization to better accommodate the increasing vehicular movement.

The comprehensive scope of these plans to construct 81 new roads, underscores Enugu State Government’s commitment to fostering holistic growth, improved governance, and enhanced quality of life for its residents. As these initiatives unfold, the state anticipates substantial progress and transformation on multiple fronts.