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UniAbuja Starts The Construction Of Student Hostel.

University of Abuja (UniAbuja) starts the construction of a student hostel after a donation from Vento Furniture. Vento Furniture, an esteemed name in the realm of furniture, has once again demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The upcoming ‘Adem Baba’ hostel is designed to accommodate 104 students simultaneously and is planned to feature contemporary amenities.

The foundation laying ceremony, an event graced by luminaries from academia and various spheres of life, took place at the university’s permanent site. Professor Abdul-Rasheed Na-Allah, the Vice Chancellor of the University, expressed his views during the ceremony. He underscored that UniAbuja currently struggles to house merely a fraction—less than 20%—of its student population.

Prof. Na-Allah extended his gratitude to Vento Furniture and Near Foundation for their decision to erect a student hostel, one that would provide valuable support to scholars in their academic journey. He characterized this move as a significant boon for public universities across the nation, highlighting that Vento Furniture’s initiative aligns perfectly with the needs of such institutions.

Completion Date For The Construction of UniAbuja’s Student Hostel.

The construction phase is slated for completion within five months. Once finalized, the university administration will establish procedures for the equitable allocation of bed spaces.

Ambassador Ahmed Magaji, Chairman of Vento Furniture, shed light on the organization’s perspective. He acknowledged the pivotal role education plays and recognized the housing scarcity many students encounter in public universities. This understanding led Vento Furniture to take action as a true partner in the advancement of education.  Ambassador Magaji confirmed the commitment to maintaining stringent protocols, which will ensure the facility’s longevity and quality.

Amidst anticipation, students eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the Adem Baba hostel. Enthusiastically, they believe this new accommodation option will alleviate the burdensome accommodation challenges, particularly for incoming students.

The act of donating a hostel to UniAbuja is a testament to Vento Furniture’s enduring commitment to education and societal progress. This gesture exemplifies their aspiration to create a lasting impact and foster an environment conducive to learning.

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