Oman’s Copper Concentration Project Aims To Commercialize 16 Million Tonnes Of Copper Ore

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Oman’s copper concentration project is taking shape and is nearing completion. The copper concentration site will open soon. The focus of construction work is on the installation of a copper concentration plant. The project also includes the appropriate structures required to begin work upon completion. The majority investor in this joint venture is the Australian mining company Alara Resources. The company owns 51% of the shares. Other shareholders include Al Hadeetha with a 30% stake. Al Tasnim holds 19% of the total shares.

The copper concentration project involves the commercialization of approximately 16 million tons of copper ore. Updates on the copper mill project indicate that it has accelerated engineering and procurement activities. This particularly applies to key elements of machines and devices. Al Hadeetha also noted that more than 70% of the engineering works have been completed. Important equipment has also been prepared so that work can begin soon. The company is also making progress in building living quarters for employees. The dormitories are located near the copper concentration site.

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The Copper Concentration Project in Oman is Conveniently Located for Optimal Production

The copper concentration project in Oman covers a total area of approximately 80 km2. Thanks to its location, approximately 160 kilometers from Muscat, it enjoys an optimal location. In fact, the copper concentration site will reduce transportation and production costs. This is also facilitated by the fact that this location is 355 km from the port of Sohar. The area around the concentration site is structurally complex. Most of this part is filled with outcrops of various geological units. Al Hadeetha is expected to produce 10.1 million tonnes over the life of mine, including 915,000 tonnes in the first year, 1 million tonnes in the second to tenth years and 196,000 tonnes in the 11th year. The project will revolutionize copper mining in Oman and will be viable project. The immense production of copper will also have an immense impact to Oman’s mining prospects.