ORLEN Group to Build Advanced Offshore Wind Terminal in Poland

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ORLEN Group to build advanced offshore Wind Terminal in Poland as it makes substantial progress in bolstering its offshore wind energy endeavors, with construction set to begin in October on the onshore aspects of a turbine installation terminal. This terminal will serve to support the Baltic Power project and other offshore wind farm initiatives in the region. The project is being spearheaded by Budimex, the selected contractor, and will be carried out under the auspices of ORLEN Neptun. It’s strategically located in the Świnoujście port, covering nearly 20 hectares.

Boosting Wind Energy

The terminal’s construction timeline aims for completion in late 2024 or early 2025. Once operational, it is poised to become a crucial hub for offshore wind energy expansion, with the capacity to facilitate the installation of over 80 offshore wind turbines each year. The primary functions of the terminal will involve the handling and storage of vital components necessary for offshore wind turbines, including towers, blades, and nacelles. Remarkably, the facility will also have the capability to receive offshore substation topsides, some of which may weigh up to a whopping 24,000 tonnes.

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Expanding Infrastructure

Beyond its core functions, the project encompasses the construction of essential infrastructure, including communication networks, new workshops, administration buildings, and office spaces. The Świnoujście location is strategically chosen to provide accessibility through various modes of transport, including rail, ferry, air, and road connections. Moreover, its inland position ensures favorable weather conditions during both the construction and operational phases.

Employment and Milestones

The terminal’s operations will require a skilled workforce of approximately one hundred employees, contributing to local employment opportunities. ORLEN Group’s commitment to advancing offshore wind energy in Poland is underscored by these developments.

As Daniel Obajtek, CEO and President of the ORLEN Management Board, noted, “The construction of the first offshore wind farms in any country demands thorough and highly advanced preparations. Installation infrastructure stands as a crucial element within this process. The selection of the terminal’s contractor marks another significant milestone in the timetable for the project, which already acquired a conditional investment decision in August.”

With sustainable energy solutions at the forefront of global priorities, ORLEN Group’s investment in this advanced offshore wind terminal signifies a promising step toward meeting renewable energy goals and ensuring a greener future.