Parsons Corporation Wins Qatar’s Ashghal Infrastructure Project

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Qatar’s $52M Ashghal Infrastructure project has officially selected Parsons Corporation to deliver its design and engineering consultancy services. The multi-million contract features preliminary, conceptual as well as detailed designs for a collection of roads and infrastructural developments within Doha City.

The development project by Qatar’s Public Works Authority, also known as Ashghal, forms part of the National Vision 2030. It aims to transform as well as elevate Qatar’s infrastructure. In addition to building public buildings, all in an effort to develop the region into an advanced destination.

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The $52M Ashghal Infrastructure Project’s Contract Duration

The $52M Ashghal Infrastructure project’s contract duration is reported to extend through a six-year-long basis. Upon completion, the project development is said to potentially lead to a significant decrease in congestion, of which would further lead to decreasing transportation costs. Moreover, an official statement also noted that it will help improve access to the area, in general.

Qatar boasts a total population of over three million. Official reports state, that over half of the country’s population resides in Doha, the capital city. Thus, the establishment of brand-new infrastructure and roads will essentially support its growing population. This, in turn, will enable the project to contribute towards combating major challenges, that Qatar’s National Vision 20230 targets to address.

Parsons President, while speaking about the $52M Ashghal Infrastructure development said that it is a key pillar of Doha’s critical infrastructure. Conclusively, Pierre Santoni expressed delight over working on the project, ensuring quality and timely delivery. Additionally, the company noted that it will incorporate several sustainable initiatives into the project, including featuring recycled materials in its overall design. As a whole, the firm boasts a regional team of over 6,000 employees. Offering expertise across several sectors such as urban planning and smart mobility. In addition to asset management, as well as landscape architecture.