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Masaka City Stadium design plans have been uncovered by the authorities of Masaka who have recently gotten to unveil its artistic impression of a Sh16 billion city stadium which will be one of a kind with unique features in the whole of Masaka region. The architect who came up with the structural designs for the stadium, Cornerstone Designs and Engineering Ltd, was hired at a total cost of Shs1.45 billion but unfortunately the works of coming up with the design have been quite slow which prompted the legislators to make inquiries to the contractor to hasten the completion of the designs.

According to Dr Bwanika, they proposed the release of funds by the national government so that they could start the construction works in time. “We had planned to wind up the project in a period of three years but unfortunately, we are still lagging behind the scheduled time just because the hired contractor has taken more than a year coming up with the architectural designs of the stadium. We request for the completion of the designs so that we can immediately kick off the construction works,” he said when he was being interviewed at the weekend.

The principal engineer in charge of Cornerstone Design Engineering Ltd, Mr John Lukindu defended the company by blaming the delays on the leadership of the city which tended to be reluctant and brought about a delay in responding just after they had submitted an inception report to the city authorities. In spite of the delay, the principal engineer got to promise that they would complete and submit the final designs by the end of this month.

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Recently Shs16 billion had been set aside the reconstruction of the stadium facility to ultra-modern standards so as to attain capacity to be able to host sports events at both national and international levels. The government of Uganda had released a total of Sh6 billion in the first stage of the project which was utilised in hiring consultants to come up with the architectural designs of the stadium.

Masaka City Stadium Capacity and Facilities

Once the construction project is completed, the modernized stadium is going to have a capacity of 15,000. An artificial turf will be laid on the ground, a standard swimming pool will be built, an arena that will be able to host quite a number of indoor games will also be set up, a basketball court and volleyball court will be also constructed among other many facilities that will be part of the newly upgraded stadium.

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