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Eskom initiates the deployment of microgrids in the Northern Cape

Eskom initiates the deployment of microgrids in the Northern Cape to provide sustainable electricity access for local residents. According to the power utility, the implementation of microgrids aims to extend electricity access to communities that are challenging to connect to the main grid.

First deployment of microgrids in the Swartkopdam, Northern Cape

Indeed, Swartkopdam in the Northern Cape has been selected as the inaugural site for the first deployment of microgrid technology. The decision to implement the microgrid in this location is strategically based on the challenges posed by its constrained electricity networks. These networks present significant obstacles for extending and connecting the area to the larger power grid. By deploying a microgrid in Swartkopdam, Eskom aims to address the electricity needs of the community in a more practical and feasible manner, ensuring sustainable and reliable access to power for the residents.

“Eskom spokesperson, Daphne Mokwena, highlighted that microgrids offer an efficient, dependable, and readily deployable approach to assist South Africa in achieving its objective of universal electricity access. This technology proves particularly beneficial for electrifying geographically remote regions that pose challenges in terms of accessibility or significant capital investment.

“The microgrid technology implemented at Swartkopdam will make electricity available to 39 households that previously lacked access to power. Due to limitations and challenges in extending and connecting the existing electricity networks in the area, this project offers a practical and viable solution to address their energy needs,” explained Eskom spokesperson, Daphne Mokwena

Daphne Mokwena, an Eskom spokesperson, emphasized that microgrids present a highly efficient, dependable, and easily implementable approach for supplying electricity to geographically challenging regions. Such areas are often difficult to access or necessitate significant financial investments for connection to the main power grid. Embracing microgrids, therefore, represents a significant stride in South Africa’s journey towards attaining universal electricity access.

Microgrids Supporting Electric Mobility

Eskom is actively positioning itself to be a major catalyst in the advancement of the electric mobility sector in South Africa. Monde Bala, Eskom Group Executive for Distribution, revealed during Africa’s Green Economy Summit that the company is committed to becoming a key player in the electric vehicle (EV) market, thereby stimulating the local economy. Eskom aims to take on a significant role as an anchor market for EVs, fostering positive contributions to the growth of the industry.

Moreover, Eskom is taking concrete steps towards this vision by launching a pilot project to integrate electric vehicles into both its utility and passenger vehicle fleets. This initiative demonstrates Eskom’s dedication to embracing sustainable transportation solutions and reducing its carbon footprint. By actively participating in the development and adoption of EVs, Eskom is striving to promote cleaner and greener mobility options in the country.

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