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Acting North West Premier Nono Maloyi has vowed to fast-track the completion of road projects in the province. This followed after concerns about the slow pace of the project. Additionally, his oversight visit to Nelson Mandela Drive in Mahikeng turned to be met with dissatisfaction of the progress. The visit was aimed at ensuring that all road projects in the province meet their deadlines.

Nelson Mandela Drive was expected to be completed by September this year.  “We are very worried and business people are worried and the community is very worried that the pace is very slow. “  Maloyi claimed.

Additionally, he revealed to have met with the contractor and given report on when the project was expected to complete. “We are satisfied, but we are going to monitor progress and we will be here fortnightly. We are going to embark on a similar approach with other projects to see to it that service providers meet their contractual obligations,” he said.

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Importance of fast tracking infrastructure development in the North West Province

Additionally, North West Public Works and Roads MEC, Gaoage Molapisi said the department was geared-up to curb any delays in road projects. “We understand the negative impact of the delays on our projects and inconveniences to motorists and other road users.

“In line with accelerated service delivery plan, we will be revisiting this project in the next two weeks as per the instruction of the acting premier. We will do everything in our power to see to it that we complete this project on time,” Molapisi said.

Moreover, North West administration indicate in its policy statement that the province would be embarking on fast-track of  road projects development programme. Nelson Mandela Drive was one of the roads identified for this purpose.

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