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Norwegian utility company Statkraft acquires Swedish wind duo making a significant move in the renewable energy sector . The acquired companies, Njordr Offshore Wind and Svevind Nordic, together bring a substantial pipeline of over 37GW in onshore and offshore wind power projects. This acquisition aligns with Statkraft’s commitment to renewable energy and its desire to foster the energy transition in Sweden.


Svevind Nordic AB: Onshore Wind Power Development

Svevind Nordic AB, specializing in onshore wind power development, currently employs 16 highly skilled professionals. Their project portfolio includes several projects within electricity pricing zones SE1 and SE2, with a total potential installed capacity exceeding 16,000 MW. One of their most advanced projects, Hästliden, boasts a capacity of 600 MW and is currently awaiting approvals from the Swedish government.

Statkraft’s aim is to fully integrate Svevind Nordic into its operations, strengthening its position in onshore wind power and contributing to the industrial development of Northern Sweden. Jakob Norström, CEO of Statkraft Sweden, expressed his satisfaction with this acquisition, highlighting the competence of the acquired employees and the potential for growth in onshore wind power.

Wolfgang Kropp, founder and CEO of SVEVIND Energy Group, emphasized the positive outcome of the acquisition, acknowledging the separation of long-time companions while recognizing the benefits for all parties.


Njordr Offshore Wind AB: Offshore Wind Power Development

Njordr Offshore Wind AB, a joint venture between Njordr and Vindkraft Värmland, has been focusing on early-stage offshore wind power projects. The company possesses a skilled team capable of taking these projects from development to delivery.

The Nordic countries collectively form a significant energy market, and Sweden, with an estimated need for a doubling of electricity supply by 2045, has garnered special attention. Statkraft aims to have 10 GW of offshore wind power in operation in Europe by 2040 and sees this acquisition as a strategic step towards achieving that goal. The portfolio of Njordr Offshore Wind AB comprises nine projects located in various parts of the Swedish seas, with a total potential capacity of around 21,000 MW and an expected annual production of over 80 TWh.

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Integration and Future Growth

The integration process of Svevind Nordic and Njordr Offshore Wind into Statkraft’s operations has commenced. The Svevind brand will be retained for other operations conducted by the Svevind Group outside of Sweden.

It’s essential to note that the Njordr Group has additional operations in onshore wind and solar power in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. These activities are not included in this transaction.

About the Companies

SVEVIND Energy Group: SVEVIND Energy Group, with headquarters in Dresden, Germany, is a European project developer with over 30 years of experience in the renewable energy sector. Their significant project, the MARKBYGDEN 1101 wind farm in northern Sweden, is set to be one of Europe’s largest onshore wind farms with a capacity of 3.4 GW. The group is also working on large-scale green hydrogen production projects in Kazakhstan’s vast steppe regions.

Njordr Offshore Wind: Based in Karlstad, Sweden, Njordr Offshore Wind AB is dedicated to offshore wind power development. The company has assembled an interdisciplinary team ready to contribute to a large-scale green energy transition in the Nordics.

Statkraft: Statkraft is a Norwegian state-owned renewable energy producer and a leading international hydropower company. It’s Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy and operates in various segments, including hydropower, wind power, solar power, and district heating, with a presence in 21 countries and over 5,700 employees.

This acquisition underscores Statkraft’s commitment to expanding its presence in the renewable energy market, particularly in Sweden, and its focus on the energy transition to meet growing demand for clean energy in the region.