Tanzania SGR Electrification Process on Good Pace

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The progress of installing electricity in the Tanzania SGR project has recently been quite impressive according to a statement issued by the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Minerals. The contracted body that was awarded by the contract, Tanzania Electricity Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) is doing quite an impressive job in executing the task. The Tanzania SGR section that runs from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro has been installed with electricity fully.

The committee has also asked TANESCO to establish a power plan that is going to ensure the Tanzania SGR is fully power operational despite any power blackout that will be experienced. This also calls for the cooperation between TANESCO and TRC to ensure that the power on the railway never goes off despite being off in the national grid of the country.

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Tanzania SGR Funding

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Energy thanked the President of the Republic of Tanzania for the efforts made in allocating the development funds for the Tanzania SGR project which is very critical in the general development of the country. Furthermore, she stated that her ministry shall proceed to implement the directives of the president which require that power supply to be stabilized within the coming six months. After the directive issued by the president, quite a number of improvements have been noted on the electric power distribution and transmission infrastructure.

According to the Managing Director of TRC, the project is at a fairly good stage as some of its sections have already been finished. As for now, it has not been clarified when the Tanzania SGR will officially kick off its operations. The new wagons of the railway are being tested so as to ensure they are not defective and are working properly. The testing of these railway wagons is set to continue and the announcement of the commencement of the Tanzania SGR will be made later. The country is also expecting to receive an additional four wagons for the train in the coming month.