Tender launched for solar-plus-storage project in Morocco

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Morocco’s state-funded renewable energy development organization Masen has begun prequalification for a sizable solar-plus-storage project in Morocco. On 9 August, Masen invited interested parties to pre-qualify for the Noor Midelt III project’s design. As well as the financing, construction, operation, and maintenance tender. The deadline for responses is 20 October 2023.

In order to create a stable curve on bright days, the DC/AC ratio of the PV must be optimized. More information regarding this curve will be provided at the RfP (request for proposals) stage. According to news reports, Masen selected six bids last week for the previous Noor Midelt II project. Acwa Power, Grupo Cobra, EDF Renewables, International Power, Iberdrola Renovables International, and Enel Green Power are all significant global independent power producers (IPPs).

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Capacity of the proposed Solar-Plus-Storage project in Morocco

The project is anticipated to supply roughly 400MWh of energy from the BESS during peak hours. The project will combine a solar PV array with a battery energy storage system. According to the document, its projected net capacity measured at the distribution point during off-peak hours will be 200MWac and not to exceed 230MW. Masen will participate in the project as a shareholder and land provider. And will also enter into a 30-year power purchase agreement (PPA).

This project is the third of a series of co-located solar and storage facilities on the same land, each titled Noor Midelt, with Morocco aiming for a 52% renewable energy mix by 2030. According to Masen, the hybridization was selected to optimize the operating parameters of the plants. By enabling supply of electricity after sunset while providing a low-cost solution for daytime generation. Along with energy storage, three ongoing projects called Noor I, II, and III utilised concentrated solar power (CSP) arrays.