The 870,000 Square-Meters Grand Egyptian Museum Is Scheduled To Open This Year.

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The Grand Egyptian Museum is finally ready to open its doors to the public after setbacks and delays for various reasons. This was confirmed by the Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities. This long-awaited museum on the outskirts of Cairo will house more than 100,000 objects, including King Tutankhamen’s extensive treasure collection. When it opens, the museum complex will house the world’s largest collection of ancient objects and treasures. The construction of the Grand Egyptian Museum has so far taken twenty years. The opening of the museum was delayed for various reasons, including the corona virus epidemic.

The 870,000 square meter Grand Egyptian Museum was designed by Dublin-based architects Heneghan Peng and was built on a budget of $1 billion. The archeological facility offers breathtaking views of the Pyramids of Giza. The museum will also house the world’s largest monument, a giant statue of Ramses the Great in the atrium. The museum will display 87 statues of Egyptian gods and pharaohs. In addition to the panoramic structure, the museum will include 28 shops, a cinema, ten restaurants and also a conference center.

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The Grand Egyptian Museum Will Welcome 2 To 3 Million Visitors In The First Year Of Its Opening

The Grand Egyptian museum estimates that it will welcome around 2-3 million visitors in the first year of its opening and reach 8 million visitors per year in the long term. In the coming months the museum will be fully open to visitors. The creation of the world’s largest museum took almost 20 years, from the architectural competition that decided the project construction design to its opening in 2023. Preserving Egypt’s past is a task that the Egyptian government has recognized and is completing want. The museum will be home to some of the most renown and famous pharaohs and Egyptian gods throughout history. The museum will change how we view history and how we interpret it as well.