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The new tracks of the last section of Cairo Metro line 3 to enter a testing phase soon

Chairman of the National Tunneling Authority, Tarek Gewaily has said the new railway tracks on the last section of Cairo metro line 3 will enter a testing phase in October 2023. Tarek indicated that the new tracks will be launched in October 2023. To prepare for the effective commissioning of this segment during the first half of 2024.

The total length of this phase is about 17.7 km, comprising 15 stations, and it is divided into 3 parts. It will be connected to line 2, which is already in use. And it will increase metro service to previously inaccessible sections of the city.

This phase runs from Attaba to the Rod El Farag Axis, which is located north of Imbaba, along the Ring Road to the Etay El Baroud Railway. And then it turns south toward Cairo University. Furthermore, it goes through Gameat El Dewal Street and Boulak El Dakrour on its way to the station where it connects with Line 2.

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Funding and total cost of the Cairo Metro line 3 Project

The French company RATP Dev is responsible for operating line 3, which was built with 600 million euros in funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

According to the national tunnel authority, the capacity of the metro lines “is expected to reach 15 million passengers per month after the completion and commissioning of 3C,”. Cairo is currently the second most populous metropolis on the continent, after Lagos, with close to 20 million residents.

This is an illustration of the city’s significant mobility issues. Which inspired the start of a significant investment program in rail transportation in 2014. With the goal of making it the primary mode of mass transportation.

In 2015, Alstom was granted two contracts totaling US$88 million. In order to provide infrastructure and the signaling system. For the continuing phase 4A construction works on the Cairo metro 3 line.

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