Firm appointed to carry out Salalah Smart City master plan and design

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A multi-disciplinary firm has been appointed to carry out the Salalah Smart City master plan and design. The appointment of this firm dubbed Cundall comes right after its success in the delivery of the Greater Muscat Masterplan. Furthermore, the firm is part of an international consortium. F&M Middle East will lead the team, while Sasaki as the Technical Lead. 

The Salalah Smart City Project is being undertaken on behalf of Oman’s Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning. As a whole, the project is one of many initiatives by the Government Ministry to create futuristic and smart model cities. More especially, that will enhance livability and health. In addition to diversity in economic drivers. Impressively, it will be Oman’s third-largest city. 

Salalah Smart City to align with Oman’s Vision 2040 goals 

Collectively, the consortium behind the project envisions a prosperous and sustainable future for Salalah. Furthermore, the project strives to achieve Oman’s Vision 2040 goals that include job growth, technological advancement as well as bankable sustainability. Additionally, it aims to serve as a rapidly expanding hub for investment. Alongside tourism and international maritime trade. 

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While commenting on the project, the partner and operations director – of MENA said that the project presents an ambitious and visionary plan. Lee French further said that the Salalah Smart City Project is committed to sustainability and excellence.

As it stands, the project spans an area of 1,360 kilometers squared and, it is home to an international airport. Additionally, it also has the region’s biggest cargo transshipment and logistics hub. According to MIC-Hub, a mobility framework for the Smart City strives to reduce car use by providing safe spaces for visitors and residents.

Moreover, the project will include an integrated public transport network. In addition to driverless vehicles to reduce road congestion.