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Previously known as Gardnerville Road, Somalia Drive Road is a road that links two vital commercial hubs of Redlight and Freeport in Liberia. The reconstruction of this road is reportedly one of the significant developments since the redevelopment of the North African country began. Moreover, it is said to have resulted in the end of about 20 years of traveling difficulties as well as traffic.

The first phase of rehabilitation of the Somalia Drive Road in Monrovia was completed in May 2018 through a collaborative effort between the Government of Liberia and Japan. This was approximately five years since the two governments signed the project’s US$50 million grant agreement in 2013.

The second phase of the project entails the efficient reconstruction of the existing two lanes. Upon completion, it will feature four lanes. Furthermore, the project’s phase 2 will focus on the construction of road furniture such as street and traffic lights.

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Reported On 26 June 2015

The Somalia Drive road project in Liberia to resume construction works

The Japanese contractors of the Somalia Drive road project in Liberia will resume construction work. The project had stalled due to the Ebola outbreak in the country back in 2014. However, the government is currently calling out for those residing along the main road to vacate and give way for the reconstruction and expansion of the road.

The US$50m Somalia Drive road project is under the implementation and supervision of the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA). Right after an official contract agreement signing between the government of Liberia and the Japanese corporation in June 2013. Augustine Ngafuan, the Minister for Foreign Affairs signed the agreement on behalf of the Liberia government. On the other hand, Japan’s Ambassador to Liberia Naoto Nikai took the initiative of signing the contract on behalf of his government.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared Liberia an Ebola-free country. The good news brought back to life several major projects that had initially stalled due to the disease outbreak, to gradually resume work and the Somalia Drive is among the resuming projects.

On completion, the Somalia Drive road project is expected to bring a sigh of relief concerning the traffic congestion along the road. However, apart from the road project the JICA will as well undertake the rehabilitation of the Monrovia power system, one of the Ebola outbreak victim projects.

Apart from the Somalia Drive project, the government of Liberia has also recently signed a US$4.2 m Non-Project Grant Aid contract agreement with the government of Japan for the reasons of economic and social improvement in Liberia. The current Acting Foreign Minister in Liberia, Hon. B. Elias Shoniyin, signed the agreement on behalf of the Liberia government while Mr. Kaoru Yoshimura, the Japan Ambassador to Liberia signed on behalf of his government.

Reported On 19 Oct 2015

Liberia to construct two lanes on Gardnersville Road

Rehabilitation of Somalia Drive (Gardnersville Road) will commence soon to repair the damaged sections. It will also involve shoulder road widening. As a result, there will be more free movement of pedestrians and traffic as the construction of two-lane pavement by the Japanese Government is underway.

This was revealed by the Minister of Public Works, Mr. W. Gyude Moore while addressing a news conference on Saturday last week. He said he was discussing with the contractor and Japanese government officials to see the construction of the two lanes start to end of this May.

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He also revealed that the government will rehabilitate a total of 25 community roads from Congo Town, Paynesville, and Gardnersville before the rainy season in order to relieve users.

Construction of Caldwell Bridge in Liberia is due for completion by August this year. The minister said they had requested the contractor to ensure two shifts of work since they were carrying one shift. Delays were attributed to the postponement of the project due to the Ebola outbreak back in 2014.

The road construction project will progress under the supervision of the ministry to ensure the quality of the project. In addition to its timely completion according to the minister. He said the Monrovia Ganta project was progressing well. Moreover, the Gbarnga to Ganta section was due for completion before the advent of the dry season.