DBO Order Awarded for SWRO Desalination Plant in India

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The SWRO Desalination Plant in India has officially awarded its DBO order to VA Tech Wabag (WABAG). The Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewage Board awarded the design, build and operate, order. Currently, Wabag is one of the world’s leading companies in the water treatment space. For the project, the company will be responsible for about 70% of the water production.

At an estimate, the project’s DBO order is worth about Rs 4,400 crore. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will fund the project. Furthermore, its execution will be through a joint venture with Metito Overseas.

Aside from the design, engineering, and procurement parts, the project’s DBO order also includes its construction and installation. In addition to, testing as well as commissioning of the 400mld SWRO desalination plant. Alongside the associated seawater intake system over a term period of 42 months. Thereafter, the order also includes 20 years of operation as well as maintenance.

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The SWRO Desalination Plant in India to improve water security

The SWRO Desalination Plant Project In India’s desalination process will feature Lamella clarifiers. Furthermore, it will also feature a dissolved air flotation system and gravity dual media filters. Thereafter, the setup will make use of re-mineralization and reverse osmosis for the production of clean drinking water.

Quite impressively, the water will then undergo further distribution to the residents of South Chennai by CMWSSB. As a whole, the project strives to enhance water security for the region. More so, through a stable source of drinking water in the form of desalination.

Upon completion, the plant will stand as the largest sea-water desalination project within the South East Asia region. While commenting about the project, the CEO of India Cluster, WABAG, said that the order’s win is against global competition. Shailesh Kumar also said that when complete, the project will be a landmark facility.