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The Umm Lulu to Zirku Island Pipeline Project Awards Contract

ANOC, The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company has officially awarded a development contract for the Umm Lulu to Zirku Island Pipeline Project. NPCC, the National Petroleum Construction Company won the project’s EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) deal worth $219 million.

According to official reports, the development’s potential capacity boasts 105,000 barrels of crude oil, daily. This in turn will serve to significantly contribute to ADNOC’s main goal to increase output. By 2030, the company targets to grow from three million barrels of oil per day (MMbpd) right up to 5 million barrels of oil per day. Furthermore, the pipeline project aligns with Abu Dhabi’s strategy goal of 3.5 million barrels a day. The production target is reported to follow the agreed quota by OPEC’s oil-producing member countries.

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Umm Lulu to Zirku Island Pipeline Project Contract

As a whole, the project will include replacement works on the 20-inch main oil pipeline. The 125-kilometer stretch spans from the Umm Lulu offshore field down to Zirku Island., 30 kilometers northwest of Abu Dhabi. The project is under a JV (joint venture) comprising, ANOC (60%) and BP (14.67%). Alongside Japan Oil Development Company – Jodco (12%) and lastly, Total (13.33%). 

Back in 2010, the Umm Lulu to Zirku Island Pipeline Project awarded its FEED contract to Fluor. Thereafter the development awarded its project management consultancy (PMC) services contract to AMEC, an international engineering and project management company.

Meanwhile, in June 2013, the EPC contract for the pipeline’s first phase was inked with the NPCC of the UAE. A month later, in August 2013, the development then awarded the EPC contract for its second phase to a consortium comprising Technip and NPCC. The firm carried out all Engineering works while NPCC did the fabrication and installation of processing facilities. Its operator is the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (Adma-Opco).



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