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Contract Awarded for Construction of Little Horsted Substation in East Sussex

Little Horsted Substation in East Sussex will be built by Balfour Beatty, a leading construction company. The firm secured a contract worth £42 million from National Grid to construct the grid supply point. The project will span over two years.

It will involve designing and building a new 400-kilovolt substation in addition to two terminal towers. The latter will support the transmission of high-voltage electricity to the Little Horsted Substation Grid Supply Point.

Completing the new substation will play a crucial role in National Grid’s “Little Horsted Connection Project.” Thus, it will enable local electricity distributor UK Power Networks to connect with the National Grid. Furthermore, it will enhance the electricity supply in East Sussex.

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Construction company to design and build a new substation to enhance electricity supply in the region

Balfour Beatty aims to engage a workforce from the local area for the project. This is in line with its commitment to positively impact the communities it operates in. Additionally, approximately 500 trees will be planted during construction to contribute to environmental sustainability.

Ian Currie, Managing Director of Balfour Beatty‘s Power Transmission and Distribution business, expressed the company’s readiness to deliver the Little Horsted Substation Grid Supply Point. Balfour Beatty’s extensive experience as a high-voltage substation supplier positions them well for this project. The contract improves the power supply in East Sussex. It also contributes to the UK’s grid connectivity needs to meet future demand.

Construction of the Little Horsted Substation is scheduled to commence in early 2024 and is expected to be completed by Autumn 2025. At its peak, the project will employ up to 120 individuals, including apprenticeship and graduate positions, providing employment opportunities in the region.

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