UK’s Exmoor Bridge Construction in Place as Construction is Set to Begin Soon

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UK’s Exmoor bridge construction is in place as construction is set to commence soon, as early as this summer. This report was issued by the UK’s National Park Authority, earlier today. The bridge is set to stand at a height of 92 feet (28m) and will be known as the Great Bradley Bridge. Exmoor’s bridge is set to cross the River Barle between Tarr Steps and Withypool. It will also form part of the long-distance walking route, the Two Moors Way. The National Park Authority (NPA) said the bridge will facilitate the exploration of the area. Furthermore, it will enable walkers, cyclists, and even horse riders to explore the area. It will also boost tourism and protect local wildlife in the area. There is currently no footpath in Exmoor Park as the one on the east side of the river was damaged by heavy floods in 2012.The River Barle near Withypool

The Significance of UK’s Exmoor Bridge Construction

The construction of the new bridge will facilitate Exmoor Park in many ways and help in the accessibility of various sites within it. The construction of the new bridge will also reroute walkers across the river to a public bridleway on the west side. The construction of the bridge will also be a crucial link in the accessibility of the eastern and western routes of the park. Construction of the bridge is set to start soon at £120,000. It has been a long time coming since the construction of the bridge was announced soon after the footpath was swept off. It is expected that the bridge will facilitate the reduction of erosion and reduce disturbances to important habitats. This is essential as these habitats harbor an array of local wildlife of both flora and fauna. This includes animals such as otters and even pied flycatchers.UK's Exmoor Bridge Construction

The Scope of the Construction Project

The bridge’s construction will be facilitated by the use of locally sourced oak that will be used to build the bridge. This is the design that has been deemed fit as it is perceived that it will blend with the local environment. NPA’s Authority access and recreation manager, Dan Barnett, insights that the construction of the bridge will center on its longevity. “The bridge will be in place for decades to come,” he said. He also shared insight that the bridge will be fully accessible to those who venture into the park. This includes walkers, horse riders, and even people using tramper wheelchairs. It will also be accessible to cyclists in the park. “It is a pretty remote location but we try and build these things so that they’re there for everybody,” he added10 best hikes in Exmoor National Park | Atlas & Boots

The Bridge will be part of Exmoor’s Best Features

Towering sea cliffs, high moors, tumbling streams and deep valleys that shelter our unique Atlantic rainforest is Exmoor. On Exmoor, it is still possible to find tranquility and peace as well as rediscover your sense of adventure. This includes catching a glimpse of wild red deer, being amazed by dark skies full of stars, and exploring villages full of character and charm. UK’s Exmoor bridge construction will facilitate adding to these wonders of Exmoor National Park.

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