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Mayo Clinic in Florida is planning for a $130.7 million expansion project of its patient tower at its Jacksonville location. The project aims to enhance patient care capabilities and meet the growing demand for advanced treatments. The Robins & Morton Group, a reputable general contractor from Orlando, has been entrusted with overseeing the 250,000-square-foot project located at 4500 San Pablo Road S. Currently, the project’s permit application is undergoing review by the city authorities.

The Mayo Clinic expansion project work is set to start this year and be completed by the end of 2026. The expansion will raise the building from eight to thirteen levels, resulting in a 13-story, 1.4M square-foot hospital with 428 patient beds. Meanwhile, the project received a permit on March 13 for the shell structure, which amounted to a cost of $60.3M.

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The expansion project is a collaborative effort, with Perkins & Will of Atlanta serving as the architect and Prosser Inc. of Jacksonville providing civil engineering expertise. The Mayo Clinic expansion project in Florida will carry out its plans in phases to ensure a seamless execution. The five levels of the expansion plan will encompass three floors dedicated to patient care units, one “shelled” story reserved for future build-out, and an additional level designated for housing mechanical equipment. The expansion will also include hospital support services and a central energy plant, further strengthening the facility’s infrastructure.

Mayo Clinic in Florida to provide more services after expansion

Dr. Kent Thielen, CEO of Mayo Clinic in Florida, expressed enthusiasm about the project. Highlighting the opportunity to offer exceptional care to patients with complex illnesses. Mayo Clinic conveyed this sentiment in a news release, emphasizing that they are driving the expansion in response to the rising demand for specialized treatment options. Thus, more need to expand the current facility to able to accommodate more patients.

Additionally, Mayo Clinic in Florida initially opened its doors in April 2008, featuring six floors and 214 beds. In 2012, Mayo expanded the facility by adding two levels and 90 beds. The design of the expansion project accommodates future growth. With a maximum height potential of 17 stories, allowing for possible extensions in the future.