Construction on 6th Street Place affordable housing project completed in LA

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Construction of 6th Street Place is now complete, according to Suffolk, one of the nation’s most successful construction companies and real estate businesses. The project is a brand-new affordable housing development in the heart of Los Angeles. 6th Street Place, which is situated in the Skid Row neighbourhood on the corner of 6th and San Julian Streets. It provides much-needed permanent supportive housing for the area’s sizable homeless population.

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The city of Los Angeles is supporting the housing project through Proposition HHH. This is a $1.2 billion bond that will treble the annual output of affordable housing with upwards of 10,000 units for city residents who are homeless.

The six story, 70,000-square-foot structure was created by Mercy Housing California and designed by TCA Architects. It offers 94 permanent affordable studio apartments for low income families. Furthermore, the structure also has a manager’s apartment, a 13-car underground parking lot and a communal room. Additionally, a mosaic mural created by tenants, an outdoor courtyard, bike parking and on-site services supplied by The People Concern.

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Throughout the construction process, Suffolk used modular construction. This is a cutting edge approach that enables the building’s structural components to be finished on-site while the individual sections are constructed off-site. When the off-site components are finished, the entire assembly is done on the job site. This cuts down on project schedules, expenses, and waste. Furthermore, the Suffolk process involves bringing stakeholders together early on to collaborate and align on common goals to maximise efficiency. This ensures that projects stay on schedule and within budget.

“The project at 6th and San Julian is a significant step forward in our continued commitment to serving the local community, and it has been an honour to play a part in bringing this affordable housing option to life,” said Matt Mayoya, senior project manager at Suffolk Los Angeles. “On this project, we made use of modular construction and worked closely with key partners at every stage, resulting in a sustainable, affordable, and timely build that will have a significant impact on the area.”