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A Cosentino manufacturing facility for producing architecture materials will be set up in Jacksonville, Florida. Recently, Cosentino Group, a Spanish manufacturer, announced its plans to develop the $270 million project which will create 180 jobs. The company is a producer of various surface materials for kitchens, baths, floors and claddings. Its well-known brands include Silestone,  Dekton, Sensa and Scalea.

Cosentino Group said it initially considered several sites in Georgia, Texas and Florida for the  Cosentino manufacturing facility. However, the company said it finally decided to go with the Jacksonville area, in Florida. The company’s decision was made based on several factors which include available local talent and proximity to the city’s port.

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The location of the manufacturing plant will be at a 330-acre site off Interstate 10. The property is also about  20 miles east of the Port of Jacksonville. Therefore, it’s a prime location for bringing in raw materials, and also providing good rail accessibility. According to Cosentino Group, this will be its only existing manufacturing facility outside its home country of Brazil.

Development plans for the Cosentino manufacturing facility

The first phase of the Cosentino manufacturing plant will feature a 408,000-square-foot production facility. In addition, the property will also include 734,000 square feet of adjacent support areas. The developer intends to commence construction on the facility by 2025 and expects it to become operational by the end of 2028.

 Cosentino Group’s CEO, Eduardo Cosentino, said the company’s biggest challenge would be getting employees for the manufacturing facility. Therefore he said Cosentino Group would work with the city of Jacksonville and local universities to develop its workforce. Proper training will be available in the facility and the company expects recruitment to begin by 2024 or 2025.

Cosentino also mentioned that all aspects of the deal would most likely be finalised by the end of 2023. In the meantime, he said they will focus on planning all construction phases of the manufacturing facility.