Design for the Cape Coral Bridge Replacement Project confirmed

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Lee County commissioners held a pivotal vote on Tuesday regarding the future of the Cape Coral Bridge. This crucial decision centered around the design plan for the upcoming Cape Coral Bridge Replacement Project and the integration of a pedestrian walkway.

During the session, County Commissioners thoroughly examined three distinct design alternatives for the bridge beplacement project. After careful deliberation, they opted for Alternative 1, a comprehensive design that includes the addition of U-turn lanes beneath both ends of the bridge.

To add to the new Cape Coral bridge design, the toll plaza will be removed from the bridge. The revamped bridge will also witness an expansion from four to six lanes, a vital step in addressing traffic congestion. To manage water runoff efficiently, drainage ponds will be strategically placed beneath the bridge.

Ensuring the safety of pedestrians and cyclists is a paramount concern for the Project. Plans include the possible installation of concrete barriers along the bridge’s median, serving to discourage jaywalking and reduce the risk of vehicle-pedestrian accidents. Furthermore, there are ongoing efforts to determine the location and design of a pedestrian bridge, with a focus on the Cape Coral side to better serve the local community.

Cost of Cape Coral Bridge Replacement Project

The estimated budget for the ambitious Cape Coral Bridge Replacement Project is approximately $300 million, and construction is scheduled to commence in 2026. This monumental undertaking addresses the pressing need to enhance traffic flow and improve overall safety in the region.

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The existing Cape Coral Bridge currently serves as a vital connection between Cape Coral Parkway and College Parkway, spanning the picturesque Caloosahatchee River. The selection of Alternative 1 for the Bridge replacement was based on factors such as cost-effectiveness, with a budget of $301 million, slightly more economical than Alternative 2, which had a projected cost of $310 million.

The unanimous decision by the commissioners underscores their commitment to improving the transportation infrastructure, fostering smoother traffic flow, and bolstering safety for all Lee County residents and visitors through the Cape Coral Bridge Replacement Project.