FAMU’s On-Campus Residence with 700 Beds Gets Green Light

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The Florida Board of Governors (FBOG) has given the green light to Florida A&M University‘s (FAMU) proposal to construct a state-of-the-art on-campus residence with 700 beds. This strategic move aims to enhance housing options for incoming freshmen and scholarship students, addressing the growing need for accommodation within the university community.

This initiative is not only a testament to FAMU’s commitment to meeting the accommodation needs of its students but also a significant expansion of on-campus housing, increasing the available beds by 26%. Currently, the university boasts 2,679 on-campus beds, and this expansion aligns with FAMU’s dedication to fostering a supportive and thriving campus environment.

Expressing gratitude, FAMU President Larry Robinson extended thanks to the Board of Governors for their unwavering support. He also acknowledged the collaborative efforts of Vice-Presidents Rebecca Brown and William Hudson, along with the contributions of the BOG staff and the internal team, emphasizing the pivotal role the new residence hall will play in bolstering student success.

This on-campus residence is just the inaugural step in FAMU’s broader master plan, which envisions the construction of multiple residence halls. The university aims to add up to 4,000 on-campus beds in the coming years, marking a substantial commitment to accommodating its growing student population.

Groundbreaking for this new FAMU on-campus residence

The FAMU has set ambitious plans for the project, with the groundbreaking scheduled no later than March 2024. Kendall D. Jones, the associate vice president of Facilities, Planning, Construction, and Safety, indicates that the project is slated for completion by August 2025. FAMU envisions the new on-campus residence to consist of 350 double-occupancy bedrooms, catering specifically to underclassmen who either require or prefer on-campus living.

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The responsibility for overseeing and implementing this project falls under the Office of Facilities, Construction, and Safety. Notably, Finfrock, a Central Florida-based construction firm, played a crucial role in managing the construction of FAMU Towers and will continue to serve in a similar capacity for this new project.

Kendall D. Jones shared that the university is actively collaborating with the U.S Department of Education’s HBCU Capital Financing Program team during the financing application and approval process. He also highlighted the ongoing collaboration with design professionals and the construction manager to finalize the design and construction documents, culminating in the determination of the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and construction schedule.

FAMU’s on-campus residence project, now approved, stands as a testament to its commitment to student well-being and success. The university’s forward-thinking approach, as outlined in its master plan, sets the stage for a transformative period in on-campus living, reinforcing FAMU’s position as a leading institution in meeting the evolving needs of its vibrant student body.